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San Francisco – A Foodie Fantasy

San Francisco is undoubtedly America’s food capital – A title it richly deserves due to its pioneering and trend setting “California cuisine” that has captured the imagination and taste buds of gourmets for its lavish use of fresh ingredients, pure flavours and lack of ostentation – Infact the cuisine embodies many facets of the city […]

A Delicate Balance

Melbourne was the perfect place for some mother-daughter bonding, recounts Fareeda Kanga. The city’s vibrant melange of activities and food culture ensure that people of all ages have a good time MUMMY I’ve got Koalaitis!” shrieked my 7-year-old daughter in glee. Nestled in her arms was the cuddliest marsupial I had ever seen and the […]

Art & Architecture

Fareeda has been fortunate to interact and profile some of India’s leading artists and architects. From around the world, international artists are also featured prominently in her portfolio. Elle Decor, Inside Outside, BBC Good Homes all feature her writings on this subject.



From quails to entrails to a simple dal and rice meal , Fareeda fancies any flavour be it spicy or subtle. Come join her on a culinary journey across continents and cities.

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